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Spot On Learning develops training programs and language courses to help organizations with international teams and crews be more successful. We work for and with internationally operating businesses, their recruiters, crewing agents and other HR-intermediaries, and specialised professionals that work in international industries. We always have specific business goals in mind. The ability to learn and change fast is more and more important to work safely, comply with international laws and regulations and to improve efficiency and quality.

Goal Oriented

A shipping company wants to improve the English language skills of seafarers and officeworkers. An exporter wants to grow it's international business in Asia. Learning programmes by Spot On Learning help these companies acquire skills and knowledge that help them reach their business goals.


Tests helps our participants start at exactly the right level. Progress can be measured and interventions can be very precise and effective. Coaches and personal feedback motivate participants and keep them on track. Our online, blended and social programmes are more effective and cost less than traditional courses.


We help people learn when and where it works best for them, using cheap and ready available devices, and a standard browser or app. Tests are done online, support is given by email, chat and other online means. Participants receive personal feedback, monitor their own progress and are motivated to work towards clear goals.

English is increasingly the official business language

For businesses aspiring international excellence.

English is more and more often the most important language of communication. Sales, negotiations, and customer support are all happening more frequently in English. International law often demands a certain level of English knowledge, too. Furthermore, new skills are becoming necessary for success in foreign operations. Our courses will leave you ready to play on that international field.

Spot On Learning has developed a large and ever-growing digital content library with practical business information. Our experienced staff can quickly create a custom course of study with the help of online formats.
Spot On Learning offers online and blended programs to improve business communication in English and across cultures. We use the EnglishCentral platform and other online tools to make learning English easy and progress measurable. All programs start with a Skype entry test and other online tests. Our progress coaches will make sure participants reach the desired level.
In the maritime industry being able to communicate effectively in English and preventing intercultural misunderstandings can be a matter of life and death. Spot On Learning's Maritime Communication program helps professionals in the maritime industry communicate better in English and across cultures. Ultimate goal: prevent misunderstandings that are often at the root of accidents and other issues.
Spot On Learning has ready-to-use online educational programs that are modeled after real world international business situations. Businesses can adjust these to guarantee that they suit one's own business goals. We work efficiently and keep our rates low by drawing from our content library and through the reuse and implementation of tested formats.

Shipping industry discovers human factor

Interview Mr. Kor Wormmeester, Crewing Manager Seatrade
The Dutch company Seatrade runs a global fleet, shipping refrigerated and frozen products. The company also operates a marine training center in Germany, that together with Spot On Learning develops training courses for marine crews. Online learning increasingly forms the basis for these educational programs. Things have to be done differently at sea, according to crewing manager Kor Wormmeester: “The maritime sector needs to recognise the importance of the human factor”
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SIRC Causes of maritime accidents 2002 2016.jpg

New research by SIRC into causes of maritime accidents

Failure in communication again proven to be a ‘top 3’ cause of incidents
Recently the Seafarers International Research Centre (SIRC) of Cardiff University published a report titled, ‘The causes of maritime accidents in the period 2002-2016’. Communication has again proven to be an important cause of maritime accidents, according to this report. At Spot On Learning we strongly believe that communication in the English language and across cultural barriers can be improved if you make the right efforts.
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Captain Ferdinand Capalihan Career and audience.jpg

Why personal development is important for seafarers

Due to increasing international trade and globalization a growing number of organisations work with international and intercultural teams and crews. In the maritime industry this was fairly normal long before the word globalization was first coined in the 1980's. Training professionals in the maritime industry have found their ways to motivate crew members to develop themselves and acquire skills that are important to be successful in an international environment.
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