Our programs improve language skills, team alignment and cultural understanding

For businesses aspiring international excellence

Teams operating in international environments have to deal with constantly changing circumstances. New colleagues, changes in laws and regulations or partners in the (supply) chain are just some examples.

To support entrepreneurs and professionals in international business Spot On offers, among other things:

    • Business English courses that help improve English language proficiency within the organisation. The online platform EnglishCentral helps improve pronuncation, using innovative speach technology. Fluency, comprehension and vocabulary of the international business English can be easily and measurably improved by watching videos, speaking, and typing anywhere, anytime and always through the Internet. The price of learning English this way is surprisingly low compared to traditional alternatives.
    • Maritime English. Spot On Learning has developed programs to help seafarers and office workers in the shipping and maritime industry better speak and understand English. The videos used in our maritime English courses are developed for the maritime industry, the vocabulary we teach is based on IMO's SMCP list of words and phrases deemed important for anybody working in shipping, offshore or other maritime jobs (SMCP = Standard Marine Communication Phrases).
    • Online courses in our own International Business Academy. We have courses that teach entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial employees:
      • understand cultural differences in international business, and deal with them accordingly
      • optimally present themselves, the company, and the products and services abroad
      • quickly build a network that comes in useful in international business, fast, tailored learning.
    • Custom online and blended courses. Other topics important for companies can be combined with what Spot On Learning already offers. Spot On Learning's trainings can be combined with international companies' existing materials to offer customized courses to their own people, industry peers, or customers. The goal is to be able to work faster with low costs while enjoying all the benefits offered by new technologies and people's media habits.

    If you, as business owner, are interested for yourself or for your people in the possibilities of online learning, contact us so we can think along with you and show you our possibilities.

    Our programs improve language skills, team alignment and cultural understanding

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    English Language Communication

    English Language Communication

    Spot On Learning offers online English language courses that are designed to help teams, crews, and international network organizations communicate effectively and with ease.

    Cross-cultural Communication

    Cross-cultural competence tremendously helps to communicate effectively in international teams, to get things done internationally and to lead multinational teams and organizations successfully.

    Customized Programs

    Spot On Learning has ready-to-use online learning programs for improving international communication in English and across cultures.

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