English Language Communication

Becoming fluent in English for better collaboration in practice
Spot On Learning offers online English language courses that are designed to help teams, crews, and international network organizations communicate effectively and with ease. The aim is not so much that participants in our courses speak beautiful and perfect English. We support them to acquire English language skills that work well in practice, help prevent misunderstandings and facilitate international collaboration.

For organizations with multinational teams, crews, networks and operations

Spot On Learning works for and designs English language learning products & programs for:

  • Companies that work with international crews & teams, for instance in the maritime and offshore industries, in engineering and construction.  
  • Organizations that work internationally on projects with people from different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures.
  • Multinational organizations in services and other industries that meet and collaborate a lot worldwide and/or sell their products & services in a (large) number of international markets.
  • Non-profits and NGO's operating abroad and internationally.
  • A growing number of our clients work with remote, online & virtual teams and make people responsible for acquiring the right skills to be succesful and learn continuously. English is in practice the 'Esperanto' for a lot of international collaboration and learning. Helping international workers be more fluent in English makes them more effective in many ways.

Spot On Learning's English language programs...

  • Are intentional & measurable
  • Start with measuring at entry. We help participants understand where they stand and how that relates to the proficiency level required by the client or necessary for the job at hand.
  • Set and communicate clear goals and milestones and we design programs that work towards chosen and agreed on goals.
  • Spot On Learning monitors progress and coaches the participant individually to learn effectively.
  • Collect feedback and report to all involved, in order to be able to adjust and improve.
  • Are based on an individual, flexible approach.


Our clients want their international workers to be effective, stay safe and learn continuously to adapt to changing requirements and circumstances. Our English language programs are designed to support these causes. Also, being able to communicate with people from many backgrounds influences social wellbeing and motivation in a positive way.

Content & methodology

We work with a set of online tools, platforms and methods that make it possible for participants to learn effectively. We produce content and design programs that help participants acquire practical skills that they can use in their daily practice. Learning does not stop after finishing our programs but sets in motion that people keep on learning and improving.

Participants are tested at entry, our clients (often employer of a participant) choose a required level, program is then designed to help participants close the gap in a set period. Progress is measured regularly by conducting 'level-up-tests', based on data the learning process is optimized individually. When a participant reaches the required level of general English we often help them acquire a vocabulary that is relevant for their industry or profession.

Spot On Learning partners with EnglishCentral to help people acquire practical language skills. EnglishCentral is an innovative provider of online English conversation solutions. The EnglishCentral platform combines a large collection of English videos, proprietary speech technology, an adaptive vocabulary learning system and live tutors. The cooperation between Spot On Learning and EnglishCentral makes it possible to deliver great solutions and tailor them to the needs of specific industries.

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English Language Communication

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English Language Testing (CEFR)

Evidence is mounting that mastery of English and overcoming intercultural barriers in communication are important to avoid costly misunderstandigs, incidents or even accidents.

English Courses with Online Teacher Support

Spot On Learning's English language programs always start with an entry level test.
Maritime Communication Program

Maritime Communication Program

In the maritime industry being able to communicate effectively in English and preventing intercultural misunderstandings can be a matter of life and death.
Maritime English 'Cargo & Cargo Handling' Course

Maritime English 'Cargo & Cargo Handling' Course

Arriving in a port, loading and unloading a ship, sticking to planned turnaround times and complying to all rules and regulations all require a lot of communication between crew members, authorities and many others involved.

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