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About Spot On Learning

Spot On Learning focuses on improving team communication and cross-cultural collaboration.

We test at entry and coach individuals towards clear goals, taking into account personal abilities and circumstances.

This increases efficiency of our training programs in fast-moving international environments.

Why communication in English across cultures is important

More and more often European companies operate in international markets and source internationally or even globally.  Teams, crews, supply chains and business networks are often multinational and multicultural.

Companies have to be quick to act on customers' wishes and demands, react to the competition, and comply with laws and regulation. To survive and be successful it is important to collaborate and learn & change continuously together. 

Spot On Learning helps international organizations improve team communication by working on English language proficiency and cross-cultural competence of professionals.

Intentional: learning for a reason

Together with our clients we determine the levels of competence that people need to reach, to make sure they can communicate well in English with people from around the world. The Spot On Learning support team then coaches participants to the goals set, considering their individual abilities, limitations and availability. Our courses teach practical skills and work on competence that is relevant for the organization and its professionals. We use a lot of case based learning material to make sure that there is a connection with what participants experience in their work environment.

Measurable: show what works

We measure learning progress, compare it with set goals and expectations and take action when needed. We share information with stakeholders and stay in touch constantly with participants in our courses, to keep them motivated and help them learn effectively towards their individual goals.

Flexible: learning while going

Companies have to be quick to act on customers' wishes and demands, react to the competition, and comply with laws and regulation. Therefore, people and companies need to be agile and digital. That's why our programs are blended & online.

Spot On Learning helps companies utilize technological possibilities to learn continuously in international business.

Getting up to speed together

To be successful in a dynamic environment requires speed. Spot On Learning likes to pick up speed with customers and partners, and does this in three ways:

  1. We offer ready-made trainings that we develop by close cooperation with a network of entrepreneurs and clients.
  2. We deploy online platforms that are developed for global markets, we combine and integrate different networks with experienced people who are used to developing fast online using reliable technology.
  3. We offer customization where needed, but draw from a large amount of proven digital content, methods, and code.

Is your organization active in global markets and do you want to start your entrepreneurial learning? Contact us, explain your practical dilemmas and we help you find a solution.

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