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Improving international communication in specific industries
Spot On Learning has ready-to-use online learning programs for improving international communication in English and across cultures. Spot On Learning regularly customizes programs for specific clients, industries and projects. We draw from our content library, work with experts from our network and reuse and implement our tested methods, tools & formats.

Customized international communication programs for organizations, networks & industries

Spot On Learning combines different elements of our English language learning courses and cross-cultural communication trainings in customized programs for specific (groups of) clients and industries.

We have done this for:

  • Specific industries. An example is our work for maritime and maritime-related companies. Our programs are adjusted to contribute extra to safety, efficiency and social wellbeing. We do a lot of testing and accelerated learning programs to help seafarers learn regularly, when their schedules allow them to do so. We have developed English language video training programs like (English for) 'Cargo & cargo handling' and 'Engine Room Communication'. We are ready to adjust our programs for other industries that work with international crews and crewing agents in challenging international and intercultural environments.
  • Governmental organizations, NGO's and other not-for-profits organizations and networks. Together with our partner Culture-Inc. we have developed specific programs for the Academy of International Relations at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
  • Multinational companies that operate in many different regions and markets and want to address specific business challenges (improving sales & relationships, optimizing supply chains & logistics).
  • Companies that work with workers from very diverse backgrounds, often online, internationally.
  • Organizations that recruit a lot of workers internationally (for instance in healthcare, IT and high-tech sectors) and want to support them in being succesful within a (company and/or country) culture that is not their own.

Benefits of customization

It is important that learning within organizations, supply chains, networks and industries contributes to achieving business goals. Customization can help attain specific goals.

Spot On Learning is a no-nonsense company, we help our clients weigh necessary costs and gains.

Online learning makes it possible to collect a lot of information about results, so next to planning and initial investment, results in practice are also evaluated.

Cost efficient customization

When customizing we use:

  • An extensive library of learning materials about topics relevant to international entrepreneurs.
  • A large number of tested formats for learning. Formats are fixed combinations of material in several forms (text, image, video, etc.), questions and testing methods.
  • A network of expertsspecialized partners and employees. Our network's expertise and infrastructure are available to international businesses that ask for customization in online and blended trainings. Together we can quickly create and test online learning programs on a variety of topics. 
  • Technological infrastructure and tools that have been developed in-house or by partners. Our learning infrastructure is being more and more refined and enhanced, the costs per used stay low. Spot On Learning provides integrations, good functioning and support where necessary.

Different kinds of customization

Customizing can be done in several ways. Existing Spot On Learning programs can be adjusted or extended. Videos that fit in with practice can be added to EnglishCentral. It is also possible to add topics or complete programs. Clients often show up which trainings are being used, usually that are internally developed trainings. Together we look at how we can adapt these to Spot On Learning's methods. This way, training can become online and adaptive, for example. Customization can also mean that clients ask for an academy in their own style. This relates to lay out, style, and voice. We can also create connections with own back-office systems, web sites, learning management systems (LMS) or intranet.

Brainstorm with us about your learning & training challenges

If you operate internationally or work with people from very different (international and intercultural) backgrounds you probably have specific learning & training challenges. We would love to hear from you and compare your challenges with what we have experienced and learned in many years of working for (very) international organizations.

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