Intercultural Communication in the Maritime World

Wijnne Barends has decided to let all officers and office staff follow the IcCMW program.
Wijnne Barends, founded in 1855, is one of the oldest shipping companies in the world. The company is based in Delfzijl and its main activities are ship management, chartering, technical management and crewing. 
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Spot On Learning announces partnership with Martracon

Martracon to add Spot On Learning’s English proficiency tests to its recruitment services
We are pleased to announce that Martracon (Germany, Cyprus & Philippines) and Spot On Learning (The Netherlands) have entered into a partnership.

Sink or swim

The importance of training in the maritime industry
2020 is going to be a challenging year for many training companies in the Maritime sector. The recently issued Maritime Training Insight Database (MarTID) report states that the role of the modern seafarer is changing and so maritime training budgets will increase over the next few years. This is great news for the training companies but even more so for those working in the industry who want to become more qualified. The industry is required to employ qualified people and regular training is the only way to achieve this. 

Shipping industry discovers human factor

Interview Mr. Kor Wormmeester, Crewing Manager Seatrade
The Dutch company Seatrade runs a global fleet, shipping refrigerated and frozen products. The company also operates a marine training center in Germany, that together with Spot On Learning develops training courses for marine crews. Online learning increasingly forms the basis for these educational programs. Things have to be done differently at sea, according to crewing manager Kor Wormmeester: “The maritime sector needs to recognise the importance of the human factor”
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Seafarers in the time of Corona

A belated Easter greeting from the Mv Italia Stream got me thinking…
A couple of weeks ago I received a belated Easter WhatsApp message from Captain Yury. He and his crew were at sea over Easter and had no internet connection. I got to know Capt. Yury at the beginning of March when I was lucky enough to spend 10 days aboard Seatrade’s Mv Italia Stream. Just before the lockdown for seafarers came into effect, I left the ship in Radicatel (France) and caught a train home. His Easter greeting made me think about what he and his crew have been going through.

Boskalis Beach Clean Up 2021

Spot On Learning team joined the 'Boskalis Cleanup Tour 2021'
On Friday August 13th, the Spot On Learning team participated in the Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour 2021. Despite a reduction in the amount of litter compared to previous years, there was still plenty of work to be done.
Beach Cleanup 2019.jpg

Beach Cleanup Tour 2019

Spot On Learning joined the 'Boskalis Cleanup Tour 2019'
On Tuesday August 13th, the staff of Spot On Learning joined the ‘Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour 2019’. And what a great day it was. With approximately 50 people from the maritime sector and a big group of other volunteers we picked up more than 300 kg of litter on the beach between Wassenaar and Noordwijk.
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New research by SIRC into causes of maritime accidents

Failure in communication again proven to be a ‘top 3’ cause of incidents
Recently the Seafarers International Research Centre (SIRC) of Cardiff University published a report titled, ‘The causes of maritime accidents in the period 2002-2016’. Communication has again proven to be an important cause of maritime accidents, according to this report. At Spot On Learning we strongly believe that communication in the English language and across cultural barriers can be improved if you make the right efforts.
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Why personal development is important for seafarers

Due to increasing international trade and globalization a growing number of organisations work with international and intercultural teams and crews. In the maritime industry this was fairly normal long before the word globalization was first coined in the 1980's. Training professionals in the maritime industry have found their ways to motivate crew members to develop themselves and acquire skills that are important to be successful in an international environment.

Seafarers show measurable progress using video based online learning program

What our data and research taught us about improving English language skills in the maritime world
Research into results of 650 maritime professionals going through our online training method for maritime English shows that participants make measurable progress. The group we followed for this research consists for a large part of Russian and Filipino seafarers.
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