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Seatrade publishes article about it's English language program for seafarers and office workers

Simply Seatrade article features Spot On Learning's maritime communication program
Simply Seatrade is the magazine of Dutch shipmanagement company Seatrade. In the first edition of 2017 an article was published about the online English program for all Seatrade’s employees worldwide, which is provided by Spot On Learning. This Seatrade online English program helps all employees to comply with the so called 'Seatrade Standard'. The article explains how the program works. Manning agents, a seafarer that enrolled in the program and several others involved in the maritime English program share their opinions and experiences. - Published 20 October, 2017 -

Chinese seafarers improve English language skills in less than 3 months

Measurable progress toward required level
Starting in April, 2017 9 cadets from Dalian Maritime University started Spot On Learning’s Maritime English Program. The group of cadets are prepared to work as maritime professionals in the international shipping market. Columbia Shipmanagement, the company that will employ the cadets when they have finished their studies in China, felt that it was important to give their level of English proficiency an extra boost. The average entry level was below the required level. All cadets that enrolled the program made measurable progress, 7 out of 9 are now at the required level or very close to it. Our research shows that students that were most active during the program made most progress. One of the participants managed to go up 21 points on the CEFR scale (CEFR is a European standard for measuring 2nd language proficiency). - Published August, 2017 -

Seafarers show measurable progress using video based online learning program

What our data and research taught us about improving English language skills in the maritime world
Research into results of 650 maritime professionals going through our online training method for maritime English shows that participants make measurable progress. The group we followed for this research consists for a large part of Russian and Filipino seafarers. We have seen that 50 to over 95% of the participants were below the level required by the involved Dutch and German shipmanagement companies. The gaps were on average 12 - 26 points (on the CEFR scale of 1 - 100), two of the three groups showed improvements of 10 or more point going through the regular online video program. In this article we share these and other outcomes of our research. - First published June, 2017 -

Online methods to improve English communication skills of international teams and crews

Innovative methods EnglishCentral help improve spoken English and expand vocabulary
EnglishCentral offers the largest online video library designed for English language learning, including videos for specific industries like Spot On Learnings maritime courses. The online learning platform’s methodology is based on what experts call ‘content-based, personalized language immersion’. Data-based feedback and personalised tools help engage and motivate the student and work towards individual learning goals. Students expand their vocabulary in a sustainable way thanks to the built-in spaced-repetition methodology. A unique feature of EnglishCentral is how it helps students improve their spoken English, including pronunciation. EnglishCentral uses advanced speech technology to make this possible. Please allow us to explain what all this means.

International Seatrade workers benefit from tailor-made course

Noticeable improvements in English and lower costs through E-learning
Seatrade is a Dutch shipping company that recruits seafarers worldwide and has offices in The Netherlands and Germany. Communication is of paramount importance for the company and the safety on board. Together with the Dutch business learning company Spot On Learning e-learning is being used to improve English language proficiency of seafarers and office workers.

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