Spot On Learning announces partnership with Martracon

Martracon to add Spot On Learning’s English proficiency tests to its recruitment services
We are pleased to announce that Martracon (Germany, Cyprus & Philippines) and Spot On Learning (The Netherlands) have entered into a partnership.

English proficiency check during crew recruitment

Martracon offers worldwide tailormade crew management services for its clients. In addition to arranging travel and paperwork for seafarers, they also take care of recruitment. It is not easy to recruit highly qualified people and interviewing professional seafarers, who are located all over the world, often poses logistic challenges. One important element of recruitment interviews is to check whether seafarers’ English skills are good enough. Can they express themselves clearly? Do they understand what is said? etc. Martracon can now offer the Spot On Learning’s online English proficiency test methodology to assist this part of the interview. 

Use of English language testing outcomes

The online testing methodology provides Martracon with tools and methods to quickly and thoroughly assess the English language skills of international crews. The test results can be used:

  • To establish a participant’s level of English
  • To help decide if a maritime professional can be promoted
  • To decide whether further training is necessary

With or without writing test

Martracon can offer its clients two test options both of which consist of a 20 minute Skype conversation with an English tutor, combined with one of the following:

  • Option 1.  An online Grammar & Vocabulary test (multiple choice) 
  • Option 2.  Option 1 plus a Reading & Writing test 

MD Martracon about the test

Philipp Boerger, managing Director at Martracon, took the extensive test (Option 2) himself and says:

This methodology of testing gives a very good indication of the English proficiency level of the applicants. The test I took was efficient and thorough and the results can be directly shared with the applicant and client. I believe it will enhance the quality of our recruitment process significantly. Something which is very important to our clients.

Important partnership

Jort Kiewiet de Jonge, managing partner at Spot On Learning, says he is very happy with the partnership with Martracon. “Good communication for seafarers is important for safety and efficiency on board. But it also enhances the social interaction between crew members of different nationalities. The results of the tests provide meaningful information for the shipping company and for the individual seafarer. It shows how good the applicant’s level of English is and whether they need to practice more to improve it. We are lucky to have various partnerships in the Netherlands, Belgium and now Germany that use our online testing program and language and communication courses. Spot On Learning is happy to play a role in making the Maritime industry safer and more efficient.”

About Martracon Group (Limassol, 1993)

The Martracon Group was founded in Limassol, Cyprus in 1993 and has steadily expanded since then. Its core business is crew management, providing their clients with professional crew from all over the world. Currently the group employs over 600 seafarers who are all individually selected according to the clients needs. They offer their customers a package solution which incorporates bringing crew members onboard worldwide, fully equipped with documents, papers and work clothes. Their geographic spread is further guaranteed by global partners, providing clients with the security that the company’s service is never far away. As Martracon is a family owned and run business and is independent from any shipping company, they are able to concentrate and focus specifically on their client’s vessels and their exact needs.


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Teams and crews with different nationalities and cultures

Spot On Learning offers online and blended learning programs to companies that work with teams and crews made up of individuals of different nationalities and cultures, or who work in highly international environments. The programs teach participants how to communicate effectively in English and deal with cultural differences. The company is based in Amsterdam and its clients are located in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. But participants in its online and blended programs come from more than 30 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, China and Brazil.


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Spot On Learning announces partnership with Martracon

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