English Language Testing (CEFR)

Comprehensive and practical testing methods for international team and crew members
Evidence is mounting that mastery of English and overcoming intercultural barriers in communication are important to avoid costly misunderstandigs, incidents or even accidents. On the positive side better communication in English helps work together safely and efficiently and can improve social wellbeing in mixed teams or when people work abroad.

In many industries people work in multinational teams, networks & crews

Spot On Learning does its work in several industries that are very global in several ways. An example is the maritime industry. Making sure that seafarers and other maritime professionals have sufficient command of English is not an easy task for most shipping companies and crewing agencies. Spot On Learning makes it easy to test both potential and existing employees. For the maritime industry we have optimized several of our methods and products to match the specific requirements of companies and professionals that work in the very global maritime industry.

Language used to make informed decisions

All Spot On Learning English language programs start with objective tests. The tests are consistent, assess all participants equally and are globally recognized using the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) score. Our online testing methodology provide employers and agencies with tools & methods to quickly and thoroughly assess skills of international teams and crews. Our clients use test results...

  • To test applicants
  • To help decide if a maritime professional can be promoted
  • To decide about necessary training efforts

Practical and comprehensive testing methodology

Spot On Learning has developed testing methods that test language skills as they are most needed in practice. In maritime and offshore industries crew members should be able to understand spoken English and make themselves clear in spoken English. Therefore fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary and basic grammar are important. They should also be able to understand written English in order to understand instructions, read manuals and get along socially. Being able to write English correctly is very important for officers, for other crew members the importance might be somewhat lower.

Testing options

All test options that Spot On Learning provides consist of a 20 minute Zoom/Skype conversation with an English teacher, combined with one of the following options:

  • An online grammar & vocabulary test
  • An online grammar, vocabulary, reading & writing test

The  combination of a Zoom/Skype conversation with an experienced teacher, and a separate multiple choice test (and in some cases writing assignment) make the Spot On Learning testing methodology both comprehensive and practical.

CEFR standard

All tests are tailored to reflect the specific requirements of the sector in which you operate and use levels based on the Common European Frame of Reference (CEFR).

How does it work?

We provide our clients with access to our online portal. In this online environment clients can enroll candidates and coordinate the test process. Participants require internet access, an email address and, if not using Zoom, a (free) Skype account.

After being enrolled participants will be invited by Spot On Learning to schedule their Zoom/Skype test and complete the online test. Once the tests have been completed, the results will be (quality and consistency) checked and a report will be sent out within three working days and can also be accessed online through our my.spotonlearning.eu portal. The Spot On Learning support desk can answer questions and will monitor progress from the moment a participant is enrolled until the test results are available.


There are three possible outcomes:

  1. Candidate passes the test and can move on to a higher level.
  2. Candidate fails by a narrow margin and can register directly for a course to help them achieve the CEFR level required.
  3. Candidate fails and can take a course with additional teaching support to help them achieve the CEFR level required.

After completion of the test, you are free to decide on a possible follow-up.

Please contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about language testing or other Spot On Learning programs.


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