English Courses with Online Teacher Support

Teacher support to reach required level faster
Spot On Learning's English language programs always start with an entry level test. We then design a learning path leading to the required level. If the gap between required level and entry level is relatively large our clients often want to accelerate their learning. Our courses with online teacher support help participant reach their required level faster.

For organizations that use English as common language

Many internationally operating organizations the adopt English as their 'business Esperanto'. A lot of learning is in English and communication between workers of very different backgrounds is often in English. In certain industries it is even mandatory for workers to be measurably proficient in English. At Spot On Learning we take on the roles of measuring, motivating and monitoring. When we find out that a participant has a proficiency level that is substantially lower than what is required by the organization we have special programs to accelerate learning.

A combination of 'self-service' and teacher support

In our English language learning most participants learn online pretty independently. Our support team monitors progress and nudges participants to work towards their learning goal in an efficient way. If a participant has a long way to go before he reaches his required level we know that weekly support by a teacher is better than 'self-service' only. Because the participant will reach his goal sooner, an investment in online tutoring has a nice return.

Online tutoring is provided by our partner EnglishCentral. The combination of video courses and weekly online lessons (using Zoom or Skype) with an experienced tutor works very well. The interventions by the teacher are extra effective because the data collected while the participant is working online make clear what needs to be improved to reach a higher level.

Measuring progress

Participants in Spot On  Learning's English Courses with Online Teacher Support can schedule weekly sessions at times that are convenient for them. Progress is measured regularly. Spot On Learning shares progress reports with the client.

How to find out more

You can always requist for a demo of our course and testing methods or we can discuss the option of a pilot project within your organization.

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