Maritime English 'Basics' Course

Practical and relevant English language skills for maritime professionals
Spot On Learning offers specific maritime English courses to build practical, relevant language skills for seafarers and other professionals in the maritime industry. This 'Maritime English Basics' course on the EnglishCentral platform tests and (re)builds - if necessary - basic skills that are important for workers on board and on shore.

For maritime and offshore organizations with mulitnational teams, crews, networks and operations

The Maritime English Basics course can be used for:

  • Seafarers working in international teams
  • Office personnel working in the martime or offshore industry

Basic maritime vocabulary, listening and speaking skills

This course is designed as a primer (or reminder) for maritime professionals. Seafarers and other professionals working in the maritime industry can use it to test and improve their basic maritime English vocabulary and work on listening & speaking skills needed on board an on shore. The course contains work conversations, emails, news and articles as learning material. That makes the course no-nonsense and practical.


Our clients want their crewmembers to be effective, stay safe and learn continuously to adapt to changing requirements and circumstances. Our Maritime English language courses are designed to support these causes. In addition, being able to communicate with people from many backgrounds influences social wellbeing and motivation in a positive way.

Content & methodology of the Maritime English Basics course

The spoken text lines in the Maritime English Basics course of the program contain around 2,000 words in total. A lot of words are used several times of course. Many of these are matched with IMO's well-known SMCP list. Knowing about the different parts of a ship, communication means, nautical terms, etc. are important to be able to communicate between crew members, authorities and many others involved. This is the reason we have chosen to build a specific vocabulary for this course that is used in practice on board. Many words that participants in the program will learn are general maritime words  which are covered in 30 short videos used in the course. What follows is a list of the videos that are part of the course (15 units containing 30 videos). 

  • Unit 1: Parts of a ship (exterior)
  • Unit 9: Nautical measurements 
  • Unit 2: Parts of a ship (interior)
  •  Unit 10: The crew
  • Unit 3: Ship systems
  • Unit 11: Chiefs and Officers
  • Unit 4: Ship stability
  • Unit 12: Canvas work
  • Unit 5: Nautical directions
  • Unit 13: Painting
  • Unit 6: Communications (audio)
  • Unit 14: Gorund Tackle
  • Unit 7: Communications (visual)
  • Unit 15: Steering gear
  • Unit 8: Communications (signal flags)

After every two videos relevant words that have been used in the videos are quizzed. Words are added to a personal study list that monitors progress in building a relevant vocabulary.

At the end of the course every participant is invited for an online test to measure if all learning goals for this course are attained.

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