Example video from Cargo & Cargo Handling course

Taken from Spot On Learning's Maritime Communication program
Below a video from the Cargo & Cargo Handling course, part of the Spot On Maritime English program. This program helps seafarers and other maritime professionals build or enlarge a specific vocabulary that is necessary to work safely and efficiently on board. In the 25 videos of this course many words and phrases from the SMCP list by IMO are used.


Besides the above example video, an introduction video to the Cargo & Cargo Handling course (part of the Maritime English Program of Spot On Learning), is also available. Below is a link to the article with the introduction video.

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Intro video Cargo & Cargo Handling Course

The maritime English course 'Cargo & Cargo Handling' helps seafarers improve their English pronunciation and enlarge their maritime English vocabulary. The course consists of 25 videos on the EnglishCentral platform. That platform, that is being used in over 100 countries worldwide, uses innovative speech technology to provide users with detailed feedback about their pronunciation. It also helps expand and test their vocabulary and understanding of spoken English. In this series of videos words and phrases are used that are important in order to work safely and efficiently and communicate with colleagues, workers and officials in ports and on shore. Many words are taken from the SMCP list by IMO.

Engine Room Communication in English (video)

Spot On Learning is developing a video course for use on EnglishCentral which will help engineers in the maritime industry enlarge their technical English vocabulary and improve their English language communication skills. De Engine Room English Communication course will be available in the last quarter of 2016. In order to give you an impression of the video content we show a video about the engine room which is already being used in Maritime English courses for seafarers worldwide.

Maritime Communication

In the maritime industry being able to communicate effectively in English and preventing intercultural misunderstandings can be a matter of life and death. Spot On Learning's Maritime Communication program helps professionals in the maritime industry communicate better in English and across cultures. Ultimate goal: prevent misunderstandings that are often at the root of accidents and other issues.