Customized training

Low rates by drawing from our content library and reuse of tested formats.
Spot On Learning has ready-to-use online educational programs that are modeled after real world international business situations. Businesses can adjust these to guarantee that they suit one's own business goals. We work efficiently and keep our rates low by drawing from our content library and through the reuse and implementation of tested formats.

How do we offer customized programs for lowest possible costs?

Spot On Learning uses a network of specialized partners and employees. Our partners' expertise and infrastructure are available to international businesses that ask for customization in online and blended trainings. What's more, when customizing we use:

  • An extensive library of learning materials about topics relevant to international entrepreneurs.
  • A large number of tested formats for learning. Formats are fixed combinations of material in several forms (text, image, video, etc.), questions and testing methods. Spot On Learning sophisticates these methods and extends them when technological possibilities expand (and this is happening all the time)
  • A network of experts that can quickly create and test online learning programs on a variety of topics.
  • Partners' technological infrastructure is being developed in global markets for large numbers of people. The infrastructure is being more and more refined and enhanced, the costs per used stay low. Spot On Learning provides integrations, good functioning and support where necessary.

Connection to business goals

The content, the program and the infrastructure are for use of what the client wants to achieve for their students. It is important that learning within the organization contributes to achieving business goals. Sometimes customization is necessary. Spot On Learning is a no-nonsense company, we help our clients weigh necessary costs and gains. Online learning enables you to collect a lot of information about results, so next to planning and initial investment, results in practice are also evaluated.

Different kinds of customization

Customizing can be done in several ways. Existing Spot On Learning programs can be adjusted or extended. Videos that fit in with practice can be added to English Central. It is also possible to add topics or complete programs. Clients often show up which trainings are being used, usually that are internally developed trainings. Together we look at how we can adapt these to Spot On Learning's methods. This way, training can become online and adaptive, for example. Customization can also mean that clients ask for an academy in their own style. This relates to lay out, style, and voice. We can also create connections with own back-office systems, web sites, learning management systems (LMS) or intranet.

Clients and partners

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