Cross-cultural Leadership

Leading multicultural & multinational teams and organizations
This course provides deeper understanding of leadership styles and preferences around the world and how these are influenced by cultural aspects. It helps managers of multinational teams and organizations find a suitable balance between personal leadership preferences and adjusting to what is expected in other countries and international settings.

For internationally active organizations

This course has been developed for organizations that have international operations or run many international projects. Here are some examples of types of organizations that benefited from the Cross-cultural Leadership trainings that Spot On Learning provides together with partner Culture-Inc.:

  • multinational companies, exporting companies
  • government and semi government organizations
  • NGOs
  • organizations that send expats abroad, or hire employees with different cultural backgrounds
  • organizations that work with international teams and crews
  • organizations that source worldwide, have supply chains that cross borders

A combination of online learning and (online or offline) workshops

We provide our Cross-cultural Leadership courses with our partner Culture-Inc. and its founder Esther Janssen. The courses consist of workshops, that can be organized in-company or online, and interactive lessons, that are often case-based. The course starts with our cross-cultural leadership scan, that makes participants aware of their own leadership preferences and how they are related to different preferences that people can have around the world. In the last part of the course an interactive lesson helps participants analyze a team (maybe their own team if they already lead a team) and prepare to make some choices that will make that leading a team in another culture (or a multicultural team) will be more succesful, based on the understanding of possible different cultural expectations and habits. Courses can be customized but in most cases our cross-cultural leadership course consists of:

  • an intake conversation with 1 or more representatives of the client (to help us understand the context and choose course elements that will work best to reach the organizational learning goals)
  • our cross-cultural leadership scan and individual intake
  • 2 or 3 workshops (on location or via Zoom) of 2 - 4 hours
  • 2 - 3 interactive, case-based lessons
  • an interactive lesson 'analyzing your international team'
  • a final 'takeaways' lesson
  • an individual online coaching session for each participant

Benefits of more cross-cultural agile leaders

The course helps leaders be more effective when working with diverse teams. Many of our clients use the course in situations of change and new challenges, organizational, individual or both. Our goal is to make the client organization and individuals that participate in the course more cross-culturally agile. We have specific ideas of what that could mean in practice and we always ask our clients and participants to evaluate with us if the course really made a difference and if the learnings are useful in practice.

Content & methodology

We have used theories that have been researched and validated and we refer to those theories in our course material. The people that produce the content and our workshop facilitators and experts all have many years of experience working internationally. They have all lived and worked abroad and in very international and diverse environments. We use a lot of case material in the course.  We have a large and growing collection of cases in many industries, involving people from many backgrounds. The course is very interactive, which makes it possible to gather data and learn continuously from the interactions and answers to questions.

How to find out more

  • Contact us and brainstorm with us about the cross-cultural agility of your organization. We can tell about our experiences with clients that may have the same kind of challenges as yours. 

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