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At Spot On Learning, we think about the solutions that help business owners grow their organizations further. We search for practical and affordable solutions -- there's no need to fix what isn't broken. By working with partners who have earned their stripes in the field, we save time and money. We have the infrastructure, techniques, and solutions to forge platforms together into appealing learning environments. Our growing library of digital content allows us to work quickly and keep costs low.

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International Seatrade workers benefit from tailor-made course

Seatrade is a Dutch shipping company that recruits seafarers worldwide and has offices in The Netherlands and Germany. Communication is of paramount importance for the company and the safety on board. Together with the Dutch business learning company Spot On Learning e-learning is being used to improve English language proficiency of seafarers and office workers.

Spot On Learning partners

Spot On Learning works with partners who have substantial experience with online learning and with innovative methods and technologies in the field. Our experts have specialized knowledge in the international business field. They create lesson content and are available as coaches and sources of information. Platform partners develop adaptive learning methods and new language courses with applied speach technology. By working with partners who have earned their stripes in the field, we save time and money.

Technology and Infrastructure

Spot On Learning offers every business owner a unique learning environment. After logging in you'll find: learning materials, tests, online and offline activities (tasks) and information about other students, professors, coaches, and information about progress and achievements. Spot On Learning makes use of various systems which are integrated into a cohesive whole.

Clients and partners

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