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Ecosystem with expertise and experience
Spot On Learning works with partners who have substantial experience with online learning and with innovative methods and technologies in the field. Our experts have specialized knowledge in the international business field. They create lesson content and are available as coaches and sources of information. Platform partners develop adaptive learning methods and new language courses with applied speach technology. By working with partners who have earned their stripes in the field, we save time and money.

Here are some key partners under the direction of Spot On Learning who deliver our range of products and services for business owners who want to benefit of the opportunities of online learning:

EnglishCentral (United States and The Philippines)

Spot On Learning sells EnglishCentral products to companies in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. EnglishCentral is funded by Google Ventures. It is a language platform where you can learn English, practice, testing, primarily with video and related learning methods.

Culture Inc.

Culture-Inc. is a cross-cultural training- and consultancy firm for global businesses and corporates. It operates in The Netherlands, China, Singapore and Dubai and elsewhere on demand. Founder Esther Janssen is based in the greater Amsterdam area. Ms Janssen and Spot On Learning have developed a program for teams working with partners and clients with different cultural backgrounds. This cross-cultural communication program is 'blended'. Participants attend workshops and prepare for them online. The workshops can also be followed by personalised online learning.

Expert teachers and coaches worldwide

Spot On Learning works with a network of expert coaches and teachers. An example is our network of teachers in maritime HUBs worldwide that provide support for seafarers that partcipate in Spot On Learning's Maritime Communication program.

Ehio Media (Amsterdam)

The owners of Ehio Media have been working since 1990 with editorial and commercial communication and learning by organizations. They developed in 1993 an international platform where the main port Netherlands presented itself and made contact to tell international decision makers about the potential of transport and logistics via the Netherlands to the European hinterland and vice versa. Ehio Media builds and manages applications and helps organizations with marketing and editorial communications. Ehio Media builds and manages all the web infrastructure for MKB Servicedesk, the largest business platform of Netherlands which also offers De Zaak and ZZP Servicedesk to provide online inspiration and support to the Dutch MKB . Ehio supplies Spot On Learning among other applications and programming. Eelco Kraefft of Ehio Media is also director of Spot On Learning.

Beukenrond Consultancy

Beukenrond Consultancy supports SMEs with financial / strategic area, Willem Bierens de Haan of Beukenrond is former director of Spot On Learning. He has previously worked for years in the Netherlands and abroad for internationally operating Dutch companies.

Clients and partners

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