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Maritime English
The Maritime English "Engine Room Communication" (ERC) course helps maritime professionals improve their English pronunciation and enrich their Maritime English vocabulary. The course consists of 34 videos available on EnglishCentral.

The EnglishCentral platform, that is being used in over 100 countries worldwide, uses innovative speech technology to provide users with detailed feedback on their pronunciation. It also helps expand and test their vocabulary and understanding of spoken English. In this course, important Maritime English words and phrases are included to promote safe and efficient work and communication with colleagues, workers and officials in ports and ashore.

Introduction to Engine Room Communication

Above, you can find the introduction video to the ERC course. EnglishCentral has three different learning modes: watch, learn and speak. On top of that, quizzes help expand and test the student's vocabulary. While results and progress can be monitored closely, participants receive personal feedback to help them improve continuously. This introduction video is a preview of various parts of the course consisting of 34 videos. The program is designed to last 8 weeks and during that period participants ideally study 30 minutes a day 5 times a week.

Besides the introduction video above, an example ERC video (part of the Maritime English Communication program developed by Spot On Learning), is also available here.

More information on our Maritime English courses

If you would you like to hear more about Spot On Learning's Maritime English courses, please contact Jort Kiewiet de Jonge (sales) or Eelco Kraefft (product development). Contact details can be found on our contact page on this website.

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