Additional Learning Material to accelerate learning

Helping participants close the gap faster
Spot On Learning has developed online courses to accelerate learning of certain participants in Spot On Learning's Maritime English Programs. These courses are used by teachers in maritime HUBs. In this way online 'self-service' learning and specialized teacher support are blended into one effective program.

Additional learning material for clients in the maritime and related industries

Spot On Learning has developed additional learning material for maritime clients that work with teachers in maritime HUBs.

Why additional learning material for seafarers?

Seafarers often do their language training programs while on leave. Spot On Learning had designed its Maritime English programs in such a way that seafarers do most of their learning on their own, online. Their progress is monitored and support is provided by progress coaches at our support desk. Our maritime clients often work with teachers in maritime hubs that can help seafarers learn faster when necessary, for instance when they need to improve their English language proficiency for a promotion or new job. These teachers often cooperate closely with crewing agents. They use the additional material developed by Spot On Learning in classroom sessions or for individual tutor sessions.


    Our additional learning material helps maritime clients combine efforts by an existing support network for seafarers with our online learning program. The combination of working online and spending time with a teacher motivates the seafarers to work towards the desired learning goal in an efficient way. Participants with a relatively large gap between required level and current level are in practice better able to close that gap if they receive teacher support, online or offline.

    Some examples of learning material/subjects:

    • Question Words
    • This is an order!
    • Do you Copy?
    • Talking about the presentTalking about the future and the past
    • Irregular verbs

    How to find out more

    • Contact us if you have any questions about language testing or other Spot On Learning programs.



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