Helping international teams and crews learn and change faster

Spot On Learning

Spot On Learning develops training programs and language courses to help organizations with international teams and crews be more successful. We work for and with internationally operating businesses, their recruiters, crewing agents and other HR-intermediaries, and specialised professionals that work in international industries. We always have specific business goals in mind. The ability to learn and change fast is more and more important to work safely, comply with international laws and regulations and to improve efficiency and quality.

Quick change is needed for a competitive edge

More and more often Dutch companies work in international markets. To be successful it is important to be able to change quickly. Companies have to be quick to act on customers' wishes and demands, react to the competition, and comply with the law.

Learning together is necessary within the company and in the chain to which a company belongs. It is often necessary to transfer knowledge to clients and other commercial target audiences.

Spot On Learning helps companies utilize technological possibilities to learn quickly in international business. We aim to give companies the following benefits of online learning:

  • Goal-oriented. Like information is tailored to you when searching or communicating in networks online, learning can also be more and more focussed on concrete, personal goals. The same methods that make Google, Facebook and other online players so attractive and ascertain that online platforms are omnipresent, are more and more often applied to learning. Spot On Learning starts with your goals as entrepreneur. What is needed to get there? Which knowledge comes in handy most? We aim at speed and direct applicability.
  • Beneficial (for the organization). Entrepreneurs and businesses can use new technologies and methods to make guided learning a habit. More can be done with the same, or lower, budgets.Results are measurable and feedback can be collected continuously, which can help adjust on the way to business goals.
  • Flexible (for the learner). For people who want to learn, online learning is convenient because they can do it anytime, (almost) anywhere. People can use their time more effectively. Many people who work for international businesses have time to spare in hotel rooms or on the road.Or they would like to learn at home, outside of their regular business hours. With the so-called "adaptive learning" the program will adapt to knowledge level and learning style.This makes learning easier, and helps to stay motivated.

Entrepreneurial learning

Learning while doing business is what Spot On Learning likes to do, and likes to organize for our clients as well. Founders of Spot On Learning have been active in businesses as entrepreneurs for decades. It is a great challenge to look for unique knowledge that makes a difference for the company together, and to ensure that this knowledge is available where it is most needed.

Getting up to speed together

To be successful in a dynamic environment requires speed. Spot On Learning likes to pick up speed with customers and partners, and does this in three ways:

  1. We offer ready-made trainings that we develop by close cooperation with a network of entrepreneurs and clients.
  2. We deploy online platforms that are developed for global markets, we combine and integrate different networks with experienced people who are used to developing fast online using reliable technology.
  3. We offer customization where needed, but draw from a large amount of proven digital content, methods, and code.

Is your organization active on global markets and do you want to start your entrepreneurial learning? Contact us, explain your practical dilemmas and we help you find a solution.