International Business Academy

Ready-to-use educational programs modeled after real world international business situations.
The International Business Academy is an online learning program for business owners and employees of international enterprises. Over four months, participants learn about topics relevant to people involved in international business. The program is specially designed for people who have plans to start or expand their business internationally. Important topics are how to communicate and present your business effectively, cross-cultural communication, building an international network.

For, with, and by entrepreneurs.

The International Business Academy is marketed in response to a great number of conflicts between international entrepreneurs in all stages, among which the questions entrepreneurs ask (Spot On Learning partners) MKB Servicedesk and De Zaak, and contacts with participants in campaigns like Conquer New Markets (Verover Nieuwe Markten). The IBA deals with issues every international entrepreneur must face.

Faster learning through experience of international entrepreneurs

In the practice of international business, Dutch entrepreneurs often come across the same challenges for which they - as entrepreneurs should - find their own solutions. Sometimes it's good to invent the wheel, but often it's not necessary. Goal of the International Business Academy is to make sure entrepreneurs learn from each other, so they can focus completely on creating their own entrepreneurial success.

Topics that every international entrepreneur has to deal with.

Entrepreneurs that participate in the IBA program learn about topics with which every international entrepreneur has to deal.

Cultural differences in business.

In international business there are always differences in language and culture. People on the other side of the table won't automatically understand or be interested in the story, they will usually not be familiar with your story, your business, the context in which you are used to work. To be successful internationally entrepreneurs must be able to deal with cultural differences, they have to know how to create and maintain business relations in other countries, and must understand how people with different backgrounds think and decide. It's important to know how they look at the Netherlands and what they think of our culture and way of doing business. The IBA program offers extensive consideration into cultural differences in business and helps entrepreneurs to find their own way when dealing with businesspeople from different cultures.

A sharp, international story

A different experience of international entrepreneurs is that of presenting the business, yourself, your products and services even sharper in an international environment. You have to tell your story over and over again, usually in English. Your audience does not know your business and there are language and cultural barriers to overcome. Your story must be even clearer, simpler, and well-tuned to your audience. You can't always count on patience and understanding like in your own country. It is often hard to assess the reactions. That is why IBA's participants make their own (sales) pitch and in doing so learn how to present your story as good as possible abroad.

English is the official business language more often

In international business English is de facto the lingua franca. Whether we like it or not, when doing business abroad we usually speak English. More and more businesses choose to use English as their main language. Even people working in customer service or people who have to make repairs worldwide have to be able to communicate clearly in English. Aboard ships and airplanes people must speak adequate English, if only because of safety reasons. The IBA helps entrepreneurs and enterprising employees to increase their international business english fluency. For this we use a unique platform that is designed in America, and of which the expansion in Asia is financed by Google ventures. Learning and practicing English is done through videos on English Central. The videos relate to international business, for instance cultural differences or pitching your story. That way you learn and practice English as entrepreneur, but at the same time learn about relevant topics that are addressed in the videos.

Learning quicker about many topics

The Spot On Learning's International Business Academy deals mainly with quicker learning about many topics that are important to international businesses. Entrepreneurs have indicated materials that are useful to their in practice, and this is used during the programs. Participating entrepreneurs quickly learn what is important to them and get down to work with that. People with more knowledge and experience will go through the program quicker and can look for in-depth content in IBA's abundant materials if they wish.

Learning with and from other international entrepreneurs

The International Business Academy connects entrepreneurs with international ambitions with each other. Entrepreneurs learn with and from each other. Because the online environment in many respects does not differ from the familiar social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) participants profit from the IBA and many new opportunities for business relations the internet provides. This can easily lead to more contact and cooperations, online and offline. Participants often have the same business ambitions, they learn about the same topics and opportunities. This way entrepreneurs are better prepared when doing business worldwide.

Progress coach and content experts offer personal guidance.

Learning online asks for self-discipline. Participants are given some support with feedback from the progress coach. You are being stimulated in a friendly way to learn as much as you can from the International Business Academy. For support on the content of the programs, you can ask our content experts, who love to answer your questions. They are aso available for additional advice and services tailored to your needs.

Offer in cooperation with MKB service desk and De Zaak

In september 2014 we started pilots in close cooperation with several business networks of business owners that want to grow internationally. This in close cooperation with two of the biggest entrepreneur platforms, MKB Servicedesk and De Zaak.

Adapted to your company's needs

The International Business Academy can be adapted to suit the needs of companies or networks of companies. By arrangement we can choose topics, add in-depth content, and add your own topics and materials.

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