Guided learning in a network -- anywhere, anytime

Low costs, measurable results

Via smart implementation of online resources, you can learn anywhere you are, anytime you want. On the go, at home, or at work. Spot On Learning makes learning personal: the program is customized to student level and existing knowledge. At the same time, we make sure that people learn in networks. They strive for the same things, learn from, and inspire each other.Expert guidance keeps people on track toward their learning and business goals.

Spot On Learning guarantees goal-oriented learning. We operate on the following principles.

Learning permanently on the way to business goals.

Successful organizations and people who work there are always working with the best knowledge and procedures in a dynamic environment. Because people can access the Internet everywhere through several (mobile) devices it is now possible to offer support in permanent learning.

As starting point, we take the business goals they chose together for themselves.

Customization is possible and affordable.

Ever since the Industrial Revolution learning takes place in classrooms, standardized, uniform. That's a thing of the past. Search engines and social networks use algorithms to offer what interests you. This way, learning can be better tailored to the level of knowledge, pace, and someone's learning style. Spot On Learning applies new technologies and methods that ensure learning is adaptive and affordable for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Learning in the professional network

Entrepreneurs and professionals outside businesses learn together to achieve results. People learn faster in a network of colleagues. This motivates, and they can learn from each other. Entrepreneurs with the same goals meet each other in the Spot On Learning's International Business Academy. This can come in handy when you learn about cultural differences together, and later meet each other on the plane to China. Spot On Learning also helps organizations offer trainings inside heir own network of employees and industry peers.

Support is (almost) always necessary

Motivated people are no doubt capable of a lot when it comes to gaining new knowledge. However, sometimes good intentions don't actually result in learning. Especially when ambitions and profits are high, many different things need to be addressed. This is why Spot On Learning gives consideration to following progress and offering expert support to let people learn effectively. This increases the chance they actually meet their desired goals.

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