New research by SIRC into causes of maritime accidents

Failure in communication again proven to be a ‘top 3’ cause of incidents
Recently the Seafarers International Research Centre (SIRC) of Cardiff University published a report titled, ‘The causes of maritime accidents in the period 2002-2016’. Communication has again proven to be an important cause of maritime accidents, according to this report. At Spot On Learning we strongly believe that communication in the English language and across cultural barriers can be improved if you make the right efforts.

Top 3 of causes maritime accidents

According to this report there are about 20 causes of accidents and the top three are:

  1. Inadequate risk management
  2. Third party deficiency
  3. Failure in communication

You may not be surprised that failure in communication features so high on this list, but may wonder what action you can take to actually do something about it.

Communication issues can be tackled

Spot On Learning offers a solution to structurally tackle communication issues. Over the past three years our Maritime Communication Program has demonstrably helped improve the English of seafarers and office personnel in the maritime industry all over the world. From Vladivostok to Manila; from Genoa to Dalian.

Measure - improve - measure improvements

Our online two-month course will enable your employees to significantly improve their level of maritime English. We first assess their CEFR level and then they follow an online course, focusing on pronunciation, fluency of speech, and comprehension. At the end of the course, they are tested again and receive a certificate to show they have reached the required standard. A large proportion of the participants who follow our online course improve their CEFR level.

Many reasons to work on better communication

By taking steps to help your seafarers communicate more effectively, you enable them to work more safely and efficiently, improve their social skills and enhance their future career prospects.

If you consider investing in your personnel in 2019 and want to hear more about our experience and proven methods, please contact us!

More information and download of the report

New research by SIRC into causes of maritime accidents

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Seafarers show measurable progress using video based online learning program

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