Privacy statement

Spot On Learning (SOL) cares about your privacy. Here is our privacy statement for your convenience.

We respect your privacy

Spot On Learning (SOL) respects the privacy of it’s website visitors and will treat all personal data and input received through this website as confidential. 

Analysis and reporting

These data can be used to create an individual SOL report or used for further analysis. Collected data and input can be used to inform involved third parties, an involved party being for example a current or future employer that pays SOL for learning activities of it’s employee or contract worker. When reporting to others than involved third parties no personally identifiable information will be reported.

Your data

We will not sell, trade, share or transfer your personal data to any other third parties. Following the Dutch law, you can ask to look into your personal data and you can ask to correct or delete your data. SOL will act as responsible party for your data, following the Dutch law for the protection of personal data. 

For any further info you can contact us at

Registered users

By registering yourself at the website of SOL, you explicitly agree that personal data like your first name, surname, e-mail address, gender, country are stored in the SOL database. If you take part in a course and/or other learning activity or test method of SOL you agree the same for the answers and results of these learning methods. 

You agree that your answers and results will be used to create a report and that this report will be interpreted and sent to an email address as provided by you and/or to the email address of an involved SOL client that pays for your learning activities or is in another way involved with your consent.

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