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Spot On Learning uses the EnglishCentral platform and other online tools to make learning English easy and even fun. The advanced technology behind the EnglishCentral platform helps improve pronunciation measurably. Comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary increase as well.

Progress towards specific learning goals can be monitored and feedback by the system and by language coaches helps participants learn faster. Learning can be tailored to practice situations. The program adapts to the student's level and pace. Costs are low.


Everyone in an organization with international contacts can permanently learn English this way.

New possibilities through technology and Internet

EnglishCentral was created and founded in USA in 2009 by experts in the field of speech technology and language acquisition. The company is closely connected to academic research institutes in Massachusetts in the United States. Google Ventures and another well-known creditor of venture capital have supplied the means to make this new way to learn English a worldwide success. In Asia, EnglishCenral grew fast because Asian companies are often ambitious growth companies aimed at global markets. Spot On Learning chose to sell EC products in Europe, because we believe this way of learning and practicing a language is ideal for internationally oriented business.

Learning English and at the same time...

Who doesn't regularly watch a video on YouTube? How many people in business are inspired by the well-known TED talks? EnglishCentral works using video. On the platform are already 20.000 videos available to be used to practice, improve, and learn English. Through EnglishCentral you can work on your English while immersing yourself in topics that are important for international businesses.

Practice becomes fun, and you can do it anytime, anywhere.

People using EC say they think learning through the platform is simple and fun. You can learn anytime and always when you have an internet connection and a laptop, PC, tablet computer, phablet or smart phone available. This way, people can use the time they spend in hotel rooms or in the airport. You can learn outside office hours, when you have the time to gain new knowledge.

Guidance supports you

Learning online calls for discipline and self-motivation. Even if it is simple and fun. Participants will be (virtually) supported in a friendly way by their progress coach when necessary. Questions about content will be answered by a language coach who knows everything about the English language. If a participant needs additional tailored support, Spot On Learning can supply this. The costs to this remain low because support is tailored to the individual and because support can be offered entirely or partly online.

Good connection to practice

Spot On Learning develops courses with content relevant to people in international business. Because videos can be added, the learning environment can be adapted to real-life situations with which international businesses have to deal. Understanding and speaking English easily is very important, because that is what makes EC strong. Listening to the videos and repeating after then is the basis of the platform's methods.

Materials from your own branch, practice, or trade

With further cooperation and customization it is possible to add video materials of your own business practice. This can be tailored if certain situations are very specific, and the English that is used on those specific occasions must be practiced. For example, this can be necessary to be well-prepared for calamities, stressful situations or to comply to laws or rules regarding safety in that area. This can also apply to marketing materials, a certain way of dealing with customers, quality policy, certain customer contracts that have set rules within the company.

Measurable and tailored to the student

EnglishCentral is in fact a social network. The methods used to entice the student into practicing and achieving personal goals are no different from what made companies like Google and Facebook big. On EC a lot is measurable and this is used to motivate the student on EnglishCentral. Furthermore, it is easy to adjust the material and pace to every student online. This makes learning besides measurable also more efficient.

Low costs for international businesses

Dutch businesses work more and more internationally. According to the CBS there are 126.000 businesses who work internationally, but it also frequently occurs that business buy somewhere else, sell their solutions abroad on the Internet, or cooperate with companies in international chains abroad. The potential for Dutch businesses is massive. Solid knowledge of the English language is often indispensable in business. With a platform like EnglishCentral it becomes feasible to have more employees continually working on their fluency in business English. EC can be used for people of any level. Ask Spot On Learning for the possibilities for your business.

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Example EnglishCentral video

EnglishCentral videos have a special layout so you can learn the text well. For example, look at this speech video of (the late) Steve Jobs.

Rates Business English

Spot On Learning uses the EnglishCentral platform to help professionals improve their English fast. The innovative speech technology makes it possible to improve measurably in 6 - 8 weeks. Spot On Learning also offers several kinds of (language) tests (CEFR level tests and more), online accelerations courses with personal coaching and customized programs to address specific English language needs in business.