International Business Communication

Communicating effectively in international teams
Spot On Learning offers online and blended programs to improve business communication in English and across cultures. We use the EnglishCentral platform and other online tools to make learning English easy and progress measurable. All programs start with a Skype entry test and other online tests. Our progress coaches will make sure participants reach the desired level.

Cross-cultural Business Communication

Blended program for international business professionals
Spot On Learning offers a ‘blended’ program to improve communication between participants and people from other countries and cultures. The program comprises three elements: a cross-cultural competence scan, two in-company workshops and on online program to aid knowledge retention and increase the chances of successful use.

English Language Tests (CEFR)

Comprehensive and practical testing methods for international team and crew members
Evidence is mounting that mastery of English and overcoming intercultural barriers in communication are important to avoid costly accidents and work together safely and efficiently. Making sure that seafarers and other maritime professionals have sufficient command of English is not an easy task for most shipping companies and crewing agencies. Spot On Learning makes it easy to test both potential and existing employees on their English level.

General English Acceleration Course(s)

Helping participants close the gap faster
Spot On Learning has developed online courses to accelerate learning of certain participants in Spot On Learning's Maritime or Business English Programs. Most participants in our language programs do fine following the regular program, which requires them to work online frequently and make steady progress towards the required level within a set period. In some cases we need to accelerate the learning process. Specific online 'acceleration' courses are designed to make that happen. We have a network of teachers that coach and teach participants that take the acceleration course. Teaching is mostly done online. In some maritime HUBs we also have teachers that organise classroom teaching sessions.

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