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Spot On Learning uses the EnglishCentral platform to help seafarers and other maritime professionals improve their English fast. The innovative speech technology makes it possible to improve measurably in 6 - 8 weeks. Spot On Learning also offers several kinds of (language) tests (CEFR level tests and more), online acceleration courses with personal coaching and customized programs to help seafarers and other maritime professionals learn exactly what they need in practice.

Maritime English Education Program rates in brief

  • € 49 per month per participant for Business English and General English courses. This includes personal learning environment, basic level test (20 minutes skype), level test report, personal feedback, progress coaching, acces to progress data and results for HR/crewing department.
  • € 59 per month. per participant for Custom Content courses like our Maritime English courses (Cargo & Cargo Handling, Engine Room Communication, more to follow).
  • From € 40 per month extra per participant for General English acceleration courses. The rate mentioned includes additional learning material and personal teacher support. The teacher can be an online teacher or a local teacher we have available in some (maritime) HUBs around the world
  • Extra options: customisation of programs, extra assessment or testing, for instance an extended CEFR placement test that can include a written test, customised tests, additional learning activities like learning paths, language coaching and tutoring by English teachers worldwide, online and sometimes also blended or offline, depending on where in the world the participants need assistance.


Maritime English Education Program rates in detail

Prices are per participant per month - most courses can be finished in two months


English Language Programs

  • CEFR Level Test via Skype to determine entry level - included in General English video courses
  • CEFR Level Up Test via Skype to determine progress at exit - included
  • General English language course (we often use courses called Social English) on EnglishCentral platform - 2 months program - € 49/month per participant
  • Extension per month (per participant) General English video course € 49
  • Maritime English language course Cargo & Cargo handling on EnglishCentral platform - 2 months program - € 59/month per participant
  • Maritime English language course Engine Room Communication - available soon - 2 months program - € 59/month
  • Extension per month (per participant) Maritime English courses - € 59
  • Maritime English Test at end of Maritime English language courses - included


English Language Programs with teacher support

  • General English acceleration course - extra learning material and teacher support -  2 months - from € 79/month per participant (rates can depend on choice of teacher, local teacher rates can vary)
  • Personal Language Improvement Plan (incl. extra online assessment) - € 49 per participant
  • Class sessions by local teacher (if available) - on request


Communication and risk awareness courses

  • Intercultural Communication course - In development - € 59/month per participant
  • Health Risk Awareness course - In development - € 59/month per participant


Online Support

  • Intro, Help & composition of classes - included
  • Progress coaching - included
  • Monitoring/access to data for student & client - included
  • 'Getting started' Instruction program for client-side coordinator (includes explanation of 'all on the same screen' monitoring workflow) in first month- included
  • Extra support and instruction for client-side coordinator(s) after initial getting started program - online support (hourly rate), extra workshops on location, training on the job (rates depend on choices like number of participants in a workshop, length, location)


Extra learning products and services

  • Customised additional learning material and methods. At Spot On Learning we develop additional learning material and methods to customise our offerings and help professionals working in international teams and crews learn as fast as possible. Our network of teachers helps develop material and methods that are effective and help participants improve measurably. We can always inform you about the materials and methods we have available and explain how we can tailor them to the needs of clients and the work environment of the team and crew members they work with.




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